Organisation Summary

Pluscare Homes based in Bengaluru, aims to provide a secure, comfortable, holistic and respectful assisted living environment for elders requiring assistance with their day-to-day activities and medical needs.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Tina Mildred, is a highly-experienced clinician and hospital administrator who has spent more than a decade in Bengaluru’s highly acclaimed super-specialty hospitals. She will be supported by a panel of medical specialists who have been trained in the best hospitals in the world and are experienced in the care of the elderly. The medical team will be supported by a team of caring and passionate nurses, therapists and nutritionists. Well trained Elder Assistants will perform all non-clinical duties such as daily assistance, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Weekly multi-disciplinary meetings will be held to discuss the progress of each resident and tailor the nursing and therapy to each resident’s individual requirement.

Dr Tina Mildred will also be assisted in her administrative work by a Nursing Manager who will oversee the work of the nurses and therapists and a Centre Manager who will supervise the Elder Assistants, security personnel and other non-clinical staff members. The Centre Manager will also manage the Food and Beverages Department, financial transactions and human –resource needs of the centre.  

Activities at Pluscare Centre

  • Daily exercise/yoga session
  • Musical therapy
  • Art sessions and Flower arrangement sessions
  • Pet therapy
  • Birthday and festival celebrations
  • Movie Club
  • Supervised outings to parks and shopping malls
  • Lectures covering a variety of topic like current affairs, health, technology etc
  • Computer classes and technology sessions